Gerald L. Shafer

Gerald Louis Shafer was born June 22, 1936.  He passed away peacefully December 2, 2020 after a long illness, in Defiance, MO.

Shafer Gerald obit P1030239.jpeg

He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and graduated from Culver High School, in Culver, Indiana.  After a 4-year stint in the Navy, Gerry became the first in his family to get a college degree in Industrial Engineering Majoring in Metallurgy from Purdue University.

Gerry and his wife Kathleen, celebrated 65 years of marriage . . . a marriage of indescribable devotion.   They built a house filled with humor, love, work, and more humor!!  This was the house you would be invited in for a meal, then find yourself hurtling backwards downhill in an old blue truck whose brakes had failed.  Another adventure!!   You never went to the Shafer’s without your work duds on!  All were welcomed into their home, their generosity knew no bounds.  

Gerry loved his projects, and they were LONG projects.  No project was too big or insurmountable. Everyone said, there is a right way, a wrong way, and Gerry’s way. Gerry’s way always took longer due to the care to detail and wanting everything to be built as strong as possible.   These endeavors became lasting creations that would stand the test of time.  

Gerald and Kathleen are survived by four children, Gregory (Jaqueline) Shafer, Diana Nemes, Alison Kimbrough, and Lori (Jeffrey) Peterson. They have nine grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.  Gerry’s legacy will live on through them:  humor, strong work ethic, morals, and real life values. Gerry remembered every joke he was ever told. He will be missed.

In lieu of flowers, please give to your local food bank or a charity of your choice during these difficult times. The family will announce a celebration in honor of Gerry’s life at a later date.