Augusta “Meet and Greet” Family Social Sunday, June 3

You are invited to the Augusta Community “Meet and Greet”, June 3, at the Augusta History Museum. Few small towns are fortunate enough to have a museum. Augusta has a wonderful house that has historic memorabilia donated by Augusta residents over the years.  Known as the August Sehrt House, 275 Webster Street, the history museum will be open to the public on June 3 from 1 to 4 p.m.

The Augusta Town Board purchased the 6-room house along with 8.64-acre tract for a city park in 1975. The house was restored for use as a museum. One entire room is dedicated to the blacksmith tools and sports memorabilia. Many of the tools came from the old blacksmith shop in Augusta. Many more tools were donated by the Paul Kemner family. The bottom floor has a kitchen display that has many items that may remind you of, or teach you about, how life used to be lived.  One especially interesting display is the collection of pictures which includes men from our community who served our country during past wars.

The area behind the six-room building now has a lovely outdoor garden. The committee has introduced a German Four Square Herb Garden planted by Marj Oakes. 

The museum, park, and gardens will provide a lovely backdrop for the community “Meet and Greet” which includes a German Dessert contest, snacks made with the herbs, and activities for the kids. Bring your family and meet new and old Augusta residents. This is in conjunction with an innovative Augusta ambassador concept started by new Augusta residents, Paul and Marti Kampen. We’re looking forward to a fun get-acquainted social! For more information, contact Kathryn Frazier, 636-448-4034.

Photos from the 2017 Augusta History Museum Meet and Greet

1. Augusta Museum Meet and Greet 2017 web IMG_9572.jpg

2. Aug History Meet and Greet 2017 2 web IMG_9608.jpg

3. Aug hist meet greet 2017 web IMG_9614.jpg