Fight for Fisch Fundraiser May 19

Fischer Kuester is an 11-year-old Daniel Boone student who’s much like any other kid his age: he loves sports, fishing, and Xbox. But what you may not know about Fischer is that he’s been battling a rare kidney disease for much of the past 2-1/2 years. His friends and family would love your support as he undergoes treatments so that he may avoid a kidney transplant.

Fischer’s condition – full-house immune complex glomerulonephritis  – is extremely rare. Only 20 people have been diagnosed with it over 40 years. Fischer’s case is even more unusual because it’s just one of about a dozen that’s idiopathic – meaning there’s no underlying primary reason that’s causing it – it seemingly came out of nowhere.

Narrowing the culprit to immune complex glomerulonephritis has involved dozens of healthcare specialists, a series of hospitalizations and a battery of tests. But because it’s taken so long to arrive at such a rare diagnosis (over 2 years), Fischer’s other organs have been stressed. His heart and liver are specifically showing signs of overcompensation.

The good news is now that things are moving in the right direction, there’s a bit more visibility when it comes to a treatment plan. So far, Fischer has taken a chemo drug used to keep his immune system from attacking his own kidneys and is getting high doses of steroids for the same purpose, both of which are taxing on his body. He’s taken another medication via IV that has been promising, but he developed an allergic reaction. As it stands, Fischer is looking at several more months of treatments, doctor visits, tests and medications to try and put his disease into remission. 

To help with medical and other expenses, parents and students at Daniel Boone Elementary School in New Melle have planned a “Fight for Fischer Field Day” on Sunday, May 19, 2019. The event will include all sorts of fun activities for all ages. To help or make a donation, call 636-299-3291 or 314-609-0707

Fischer and his family are optimistic about his future and are extremely grateful to live in such an amazing and caring community.  Fischer’s mom said, “The amount of love and support we have received, and continue to see, has warmed our hearts and helped us to remain positive.”

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