Father and Son to give free Christmas concert in Augusta December 14

Paul Kampen (songwriter, composer, arranger, guitarist), his son Tim Kampen (composer, cellist, founder of REIGNITE) and friends will give a free Christmas concert on Saturday, December 14th at 7 p.m. at the historic Harmonie Verein hall in Augusta (corner of Church and Hackmann Roads). 

Paul’s son Tim approached his dad this year to resurrect what had been a family tradition for many years. “These “Night of Hope” Christmas concerts came from our family wanting to find a way to make Christmas more meaningful - to give something back. The concerts benefited a variety of children’s charities over the years. This year’s concert is about giving a little something back to our new community in Augusta.” Paul said. The concert is free and the cash bar proceeds will benefit the Augusta Heritage Foundation.       

Tim was just 9 years old at the first Christmas benefit concert in 2003 singing in a children’s choir feature with his brother Austin. Austin helped with audio visuals and their sister Sara was a featured soloist at some of the concerts. Paul’s wife Marti supported the effort through promotion, logistics and anything else that was needed. Tim was inspired to play the cello after watching his dad’s rehearsals with a string quartet in their home. A few years later, Tim was given the cello seat for the concerts. 

Tim is now an internationally touring cellist and writer in his own right, founding the Nashville based group REIGNITE, with a mission to help young people pursue their passion. “I started this band to impact people through the language & spirit of music, aiming to inspire audiences to use their unique abilities to positively impact others,” Kampen said. Audience participants will have the opportunity to support the Reignite mission. 

The other members of Tim’s group REIGNITE: Kayleigh Moyer (drums), Tim Hayes and Samuel Brock (Violin) will join Paul and Tim for the free concert. The group will share some of Paul’s original Christmas songs as well as some traditional holiday favorites.