Augusta Pick-Up Ball Game Sunday Nights at 7 p.m. - The crack of the bat - the roar of the crowd - the wailing of an electric guitar? – Mel Fuhr Memorial Ball Park - Tim Kampen

Gentle readers and listeners, have you heard? There is action again at the town diamond, aka the Mel Fuhr Memorial Park.

Every Sunday, 7-9pm, there is a pick-up game of baseball. Mom and dad, brother and sister, uncle and aunt, mayor and street sweeper, priest and sinner, you and me…all are invited to join the fun. The rules are bent to suit this multi-generational mix. You can play, or just watch. You can cheer…or in my case…you can make noise on an electric guitar. 

This Sunday, July 23, 2023, paulO and Romie Hughes (drummer with the Orbits), will start you off with a drum roll, and together we can all sing the national anthem. We’ll play it in B flat, a key known to suit more voices when it comes to the Star Spangled Banner. After that…who knows what Romie and I will pitch you in an attempt to enhance the game? Expect some curveballs. Fun, fun, fun!

Learn how the pick-up games started by reading the story submitted by Gay Eskew for the July Boone Country Connection – Reviving the Augusta MO Ball Field

Special thanks to Tim Kampen for organizing this event. 

Curiosity reigns,

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