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Photos of “I Luv Augusta”

Submitted by Gay Eskew

“I Luv Augusta.” What better time than February to focus on what, and whom we love? 'Tis the season to showcase the quaint Town of Augusta, Missouri, in photographs. What do you love about Augusta? What are your favorite places? What is a creative way to capture feelings of appreciation in a photograph?

Photos that create a 3-D effect in two dimensions are game changers. How does a photographer create depth? One easy way is to use the Portrait setting on your camera. This creates depth vertically rather than horizontally by allowing your eyes to move more naturally from the bottom to the top of the picture.

Another way to enhance depth is to use leading lines. These “lines” in the photograph move from the foreground into the scene. “Lines” may be a path, a street, a railroad track, a river, and similar natural or man-made focal points.

As we prepare for the Best of Augusta Photo Contest in April, we encourage photographers to scout out locations with due diligence to prepare a postcard-style photo of a uniquely Augusta landmark, scene, activity, or memory. The photo promotes what is good about the Town as a whole rather than one particular business. For example, a picture of the Christmas Walk, with its luminaries framing a snow-covered Augusta street with carolers and visitors, creates a festive portrait (using leading lines for depth.)

Of course, any other photographs taken in the Town limits of Augusta are welcome to be submitted. The Town boundaries are Highway 94 on the north; Church Street and down Hackman Road to Augusta Village Place on the east; the south boundary is the Missouri River past the ball field and the farm fields and then continuing on Main Street and High Street towards River Bluff Court with the nearby Town Park; and completing the Town limits on the west is Jackson Street, including Centennial Farm property, back up to Highway 94; and everything in-between. For additional information and updates, visit www.townofaugustamo.org.

Begin envisioning a photograph that truly represents what you luv: the “Best of Augusta.”

Example of the photo using
the portrait setting.

Example of the photo taken
using leading lines.