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“Best of Augusta” Photo Contest - Unleash Your Creativity - Deadline April 30

For all Augusta residents and photography enthusiasts, we’re thrilled to announce the much-anticipated “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest, set to take place in the charming Town of Augusta city limits throughout the month of April. As we embark on this exciting endeavor, let’s explore the similarities and differences between our photography contest and the Plein Air Art Festival.

1. Capturing Moments, Each in Their Unique Way: Both events share a preparatory phase in March and April, with the actual masterpieces coming to life in April. However, the key distinction lies in the approach. Photographers freeze moments as seen with the naked eye, while artists interpret scenes with subjective expression.

2. The Boundless Realm of Creativity: Creativity knows no bounds, whether it is through the lens of a camera or in the strokes of a paintbrush. While photographers focus on composition, lighting, and perspective, artists have the freedom to explore limitless creative possibilities.

3. Timing and Technique: Both skills involve scouting for ideal locations, time of day, and the magic of sunlight. Photographers can capture a series of shots rapidly, whereas artists invest considerable time thoughtfully applying various mediums to canvas or paper. The process may be different, but the dedication to capturing beauty remains unwavering.

4. Beauty in Diversity: Photographers and artists alike yearn for their creations to be cherished. Regardless of the medium, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This sentiment unites both worlds, fostering an appreciation for the diversity of perspectives.

“Best of Augusta” Focus: Our photo contest spotlights the uniqueness of Augusta, coinciding with the Plein Air Art Festival in the last weeks of April. (See pg. 1 for details.) We challenge photo participants to capture what makes Augusta a special destination, enticing tourists with its charm. Creativity, skill, and perhaps a touch of “beginner’s luck” are the tools needed to encapsulate the essence of Augusta in a single 4×6 photograph.

Enter the Contest: You can submit your masterpiece for the “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest, which will also be considered for one of 4 Augusta postcards! The deadline for submissions is April 30th. Prizes are still being finalized, but the opportunity to showcase your talent and love for Augusta is priceless.

To enter, please send your completed entry form from the website along with your printed 4×6 photo to:“Best of Augusta” Photo Contest, PO Box 42, Augusta, MO 63332. For more information, visit the Photo Contest tab at www.townofaugustamo.org.

Let’s celebrate Augusta’s unique charm through the lens of your creativity. Join us in making this “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest a resounding success.