Community Interest

Third Annual Defiance Tree Trimming Event

By Judy Hennessey and Dianne Sudbrock

T’was the Saturday after Thanksgiving
and all through Defiance, A lot of elves were stirring,
upon whom we’d placed much reliance
(Jeff Comotto, John Rogers, Randy Leesman, Vern, Jenn and Jimmy Ham.)

The wreaths had to be hung on the poles with great care
They wished that more workers and a man lift were there.
When oh what a welcome sight should appear,
It’s Scott Knocke and Kevin Hawk, and the bright yellow man lift -- They’re here!
So, up to the top of the light posts they flew,
hanging “repurposed” wreaths the city of Washington had bid adieu.
This long arduous task was anything but a snap,
even the most energetic elves wished for a long winter’s nap.
But still full of vigor and holiday spirit,
they dashed to the tree, to help get it lit.
DMA members and friends were on site
with no shortage of ornaments or beautiful lights.
The man lift (or elf lift) made it easy to reach
the highest of bows and the top of the tree.
There was plenty of laughter and holiday cheer
with excited banter about the festivities this year.
When the work was all done, it was a beautiful sight!
Merry wishes to all. May your holidays by bright!

What a lucky community this is to have all these generous, busy elves  – thank you!!! 


1. DMA Tree decorating group photo web IMG_3751.jpg
Tree Decorating Elves: Jenn Ham, Jeff and Chris Comotto, Bill and Mary Jo Freeman,
Della, Kim Udell, Katrena Lacy, Lisa Lorch, Tim Hennessey and Vern Ham.
Back L-R: Kevin Hawk, Scott Knoche, Trish Perkins in front of Scott, Gary Rone, Victoria Meder.

2. DMA tree dec group of ladies web IMG_0524.jpg
Some of the ladies decorating the tree.

3. DMA Xmas decorating Trish web IMG_0516.jpg
Trish Perkins in the lift.

4. DMA tree with lift web IMG_0513.jpg
Decorating with the lift.

5. DMA pole web IMG_0003-2.jpg
Placing a wreath on a pole.

6. DMA Christmas Decorations web  imagejpeg.jpg
Members of the Defiance Merchants Association refurbishing Christmas street light
decorations that were donated to the community by the City of Washington:
Tom Yeager, Scott Koziatek, Trish Perkins, Gary Rone, Ed Burke,
Cindy Gillentine,  Stacey Crowder and Jenn Ham.