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Area Women Make Kits for “Days for Girls” Project

Several area women are engaging in a worthwhile project called Days for Girls. Meeting at Friedens Peace United Church of Christ to sew, cut and pack, these ladies come from different churches in the area, but all with a common goal - to provide freedom and education to young women in Africa, South America and India. 

Days for Girls is a global grass-roots network of thousands of volunteers who sew sustainable sanitary kits for distribution for girls in these countries where many school days are lost to girls who, because of a lack of sanitary supplies, are forced to remain at home during their monthly menstrual cycle. 

In Kenya, a girl can lose 36 percent of her school days because of this.  Each kit requires about six hours of volunteer time and contains washable pads, a washcloth, underwear, soap and other essentials in a colorful drawstring bag.  In many communities local organizations like Lions Clubs, churches and others contribute funds, space, material, etc. so these kits can be made and distributed. Each kit lasts 2-4 years. The New Melle group recently completed 25 kits, which means 25 young ladies will now be able to attend school regularly, making a big impact on their lives. 

Since 2008, Days for Girls has supplied more than 640,000 kits to young women in more than 100 countries, offering health education and support, as well. Anyone interested in helping with this project should contact Sharon Wolf, at 636-734-5290.  Donations of funds and certain kinds of material are welcome. 

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