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Augusta – Classic December Photo Contest Winners

Brrr!  It’s cold outside.  The thermometer hovers around 20 degrees Fahrenheit on Richard Buretta’s winning photo titled “Augusta Garage.”  Richard is from Washington, MO.  The runner up photo taken by Kaye Coates from Augusta focuses on Christmas decorations titled “Light Up the Night.”

Congratulations to both winners!  The prizes this time are a $25.00 gift certificate from Gallery Augusta and a $25.00 gift certificate to any Augusta business from Quaint, Cozy & Quiet Airbnb.  Thanks to all who entered the 2017 end-of-the-year contest. Winning photos are displayed in the Augusta Library.

Next up --- “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest in May.  All ages may enter. The April Plein Air Art Festival in Augusta provides ample opportunities for excellent photos.  Take a picture of a picture.  Capture an artist painting in an interesting location.  (Please remember to ask the artist for permission to take his/her picture or their artwork.)  Visitors to the various events could be a source of photos.  The teaching sessions might give new perspectives on closeups.  Of course, you can always compose your own photograph.  For further details and entry forms, check out

Send in photos anytime.  Take your best shot, especially in the Town of Augusta, or very close by.  Just about anything is acceptable from nature to activities; closeups and distance photos; architecture or people.   Do it while you’re thinking of it.  Mail an entry form and your specially selected and printed 4 x 6 photo to:  “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest,  PO Box 42,  Augusta, MO 63332.  May the best photo -- be with you. 

1st place Augusta Photo Thermometer web SKM_C458_B218011616020.jpg
1st Place: Richard Buretta, Washington, MO

2nd place Kaye Coates, Augusta