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St. Charles Author Publishing New “Quilts in Wine Country” Series

Book Signing May 19th at Stone Ledge Antiques 

Mark your calendar now for a book signing May 19 at Stone Ledge Antiques in Augusta, 5500 Locust Street, from 1-3 p.m. Ann Hazelwood of St. Charles, Missouri, has written the first in a series of books called “Quilts in Wine Country.” The first book, “For the Love of Quilts” was inspired in part by Carrie Mae Wilson, who previously owned the antique store that is now Stone Ledge Antiques.

Hazelwood for the love of quilts book cover photo-web.jpg

Hazelwood is an accomplished author and professional quilt appraiser. She previously owned the Patches Quilt Shop, Patches Craft Center, and Patches Button Shop in historic downtown St. Charles, MO. It was through her quilt business that she met Carrie Mae Wilson, who “left a wonderful impression in my mind,” Hazelwood said.

The “Quilts in Wine Country” series will be the third for Hazelwood. Her first, the “Colebridge Community Quilt Series”, was set in downtown St. Charles. The second, “East Perry County”, was set in Frohna, MO - which is in Perry County in southeast Missouri. Hazelwood says, “Quilts are my love, writing is my passion.”

Prior to writing fiction, Hazelwood wrote Missouri Travel Books for Reedy Press. Her books are available at book stores and quilt shops and online book retailers. For more information, visit her website, The site includes information about her books as well as her quilt appraisal business, and quilt related talks/lectures that she offers.

About the book — “For the Love of Quilts”

Lily Rosenthal is a single, bewildered woman who recently gave up her boring editing job with Dexter Publishing and now wants to take time to reinvent her life. She lives on a second floor flat on The Hill, which is a historic Italian neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri. Bertie, her downstairs neighbor and landlord, depends on Lily more and more each day. Lily knows there has to be more in store for her future than just being a good neighbor and a wannabe writer. Her only joys in life are collecting antique quilts and visiting the area’s wine country. Lily’s three sisters, Loretta, Laurie, and Lynn, try to guide her, but when a friend in her neighborhood is murdered, Lily’s life changes with an offer she cannot refuse. Her future takes her to places she has only dreamed about. You’ll feel her challenges and transition every step of the way, as she finds true happiness.

The book will be officially released on April 19, 2018 at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other retailers. It will also be available for purchase at the book signing May 19th at Stone Ledge Antiques in Augusta, and at a book signing at Neighborhood Reads in Washington, MO, on April 26, from 4-7 p.m.