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Public Star Gazing Saturday at ECC

The Eastern Missouri Dark Sky Observers will hold a public stargazing event at East Central College Observatory on the ECC campus in Union, MO this Saturday evening June 16th, 2018, beginning at dusk.
Park under the ECC water tower and walk to the field west of the tower. The observatory is the only structure in that open field. If cloudy or inclement weather, stargazing will be canceled. EMDSO club members will be present with their telescopes to assist attendees viewing visible solar system objects and deep sky objects. Visible during the early evening will be Venus and Juipter with its Galilean moons. Also seen will be galaxies in Ursa Major and globular clusters in Hercurles, a thin crescent moon, and other deep sky objects in Bootes, Corona Borealis, Serpens, Leo and others.

Contact phone number: EMDSO President, Rick Schwentker  at 1-636-667-2337 (cell) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you
Rick Schwentker
EMDSO President