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Foristell Author Publishes First Novel in a “Grime Pays” Cozy Mystery Series: “Murder is a Dirty Business”

Tricia L. Sanders of Foristell recently published her first book, Murder is a Dirty Business, which is the first in a Cozy Mystery series called Grime Pays. 

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Set in the fictional town of Wickford along the Missouri River, the main character, CeCe Cavanaugh, enjoyed a comfortable life until her philandering husband empties their bank account, steals her designer luggage, and runs off with a younger woman. Faced with the dilemma of asking her manipulative mother-in-law for a handout or getting a job, she starts her own cleaning company. CeCe lands a job cleaning a crime scene where a high school coach was murdered. When his wife is implicated—a young woman Cece practically raised—CeCe finds herself mopping floors, balancing an empty checkbook, and ferreting out a killer.

Amid all this messy business, CeCe bumps heads with a handsome detective. She tries to ignore her growing attraction to the detective, but he gives new meaning to the term “hot flash.” After she stumbles onto a clue that could vindicate her friend, her elation turns to panic when she haphazardly confronts the killer. Through the danger and romance, CeCe discovers self-reliance and inner strength.

Murder is a Dirty Business is published by Soul Mate Publishing, LLC. It’s been available on Kindle since last November, and was published in paperback in March, 2018.
Since its release, the book has received very good reviews:

 “...although not my usual reading genre, was thoroughly engaging... the dialogue is outstanding, supplemented by witty internal monologue that could have been penned by Erma Bombeck”
“, entertaining, and engaging story with a highly believable accidental amateur sleuth that was hard to put down.”
“Great storytelling with touches of humor...”
“One of the best new books I’ve read this year! A spunky heroine, with moxie, curiosity and grit!”
“Well-written, gutsy heroine, delightful escape.”
“The first few pages had me laughing outloud, and I enjoyed the other well-placed humor throughout. Good story. Good read.”

Sanders is a former instructional designer and corporate trainer. She traded in curriculum writing for novel writing because she “hates bullet points and loves to make stuff up.”  When she saw an ad in the newspaper for a local writing group, she went to the first meeting and met such a wonderful group of people she said,“I was hooked by their generosity and joined on the spot.”

Sanders writes Cozy Mysteries (a subgenre of crime fiction in which sex and violence are downplayed or treated humorously) and Women’s Fiction. “I’ve loved mysteries since I was a little girl. In fact, I would read a book, then I would re-write the ending so it ended the way I wanted it to end,” she said. “With Women’s Fiction, I’ve always been drawn to stories about the journeys women take through life.” She describes her characters as “women with class, sass, and a touch of kickass.”

When she isn’t writing, Sanders is busy crossing dreams off her bucket list. With all 50 states checked, she’s concentrating on foreign lands. Safari anyone? She’s also an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan, so don’t get between her and the television when a game is on.

Sanders just signed a contract on Book 2 in the Grime Pays series: Death, Diamonds and Freezer Burn, which will be published in October, and Book 3 in the series is in progress. A second cozy series is in the outline stage, and a third cozy series is in the idea stage. Sanders is also working on a women’s fiction road trip adventure.  “I need more hours in my day!” she said.

Before publishing Murder is a Dirty Business, Sanders wrote numerous articles and essays, which have appeared in Sasee, ByLine, The Cuivre River Anthology and Great American Outhouse Stories; The Whole Truth and Nothing Butt. She is a proud member of The Lit Ladies, six women writing their truths into fiction.

Murder is a Dirty Business is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or you can purchase a signed copy by mail, and get more information at

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Tricia L. Sanders