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Upcoming Augusta Photo Contest - Go for the Gold

Find the adventure!  Document it in a photo.  Discover something in nature.  Capture a moment in time!  Take a picture.  Go wild!  Go for the beautiful!  Go for the “gold” prize.  The upcoming September KIDS’ “BEST OF AUGUSTA” PHOTO CONTEST features young photographers 12 and under.  Take numerous photos, or a few, in the Town of Augusta.  Then decide which is the best shot of something that stirs the imagination.

The next steps include printing the picture on photographic paper.  Fill out an entry form from the website: or find one at various places in Augusta.  Mail the photo and entry form to:  “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest,  PO Box 42,  Augusta, MO 63332.  The deadline is September 30.

The “Go for the Gold” kids’ prizes are:  a $25.00 gift certificate to Kate’s Coffee...or 4 all day bike rentals with 4 ice creams from Katy Bike Rental in Augusta.

Adults and teens, don’t feel left out.  November is your time.  Plan ahead for “Fruit of the Harvest” photos in Augusta.  The harvest theme includes anything from planting the crop, various stages of growth, through the final product.  Harvesting the grain or the grapes is also part of the process; or even the final product with a creative touch.  Who doesn’t love pictures of tasty food, especially from Augusta’s restaurants!