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Preserve Your Homegrown Food—Two Courses Show You How

St. Peters, Missouri—Want to save your tomatoes, squash, peppers, and herbs to last all winter long?  Learn how at two harvest-time courses here in St. Charles County.

This September, the University of Missouri (UM) Extension, in conjunction with the St. Charles Community College (SCC) Learn for Life initiative, will offer two short continuing education courses in food preservation.

“Interest in home food preservation is on the rise,” notes Fay Aubuchon, Associate Dean of Workforce Programs and Services at SCC and Chair of the UM–St.Charles County Extension Council. “You might say the time is ripe for these courses!”

A Salsa and Tomatoes course will take place on September 10, 6PM to 8PM, at 260 Brown Road, St Peters, MO 63376.

Salsa and Tomatoes teaches up-to-date, research-based recommendations and tested recipes to preserve your tomatoes and homemade salsa. Students will get the chance to can locally grown tomatoes and salsas as part of the evening’s class. Registration is easy—visit http://www.stchas,edu/learnforlife or call 636-922-8233.

On September 17, 6 to 8PM, at 260 Brown Road, St Peters, MO 63376, Extension and SCC will offer Make the Garden Last All Year! This general food-saving course will focus on dehydration, freezing, and storage of homegrown produce. To register, visit http://www.stchas,edu/learnforlife or call 636-922-8233.

“We find that people are interested in using traditional methods to have produce available after the harvest.  It saves money, reduces the environmental impact of shipping out-of-season foods, and provides tasty vegetables and herbs year round, “ says Emily Barbee, Nutrition & Health Education Specialist and County Program Director.

Cost for each course is only $30. For more information visit or call SCC Learn for Life Continuing Education, http://www.stchas,edu/learnforlife or call 636-922-8233.