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Over 60 Artists Participated in New Melle Area Paint Outs

Over 60 artists from the Augusta Plein Air Art Festival participated in two events near New Melle on Monday, April 29, 2019. The first event was an early morning paint out at the home of Carla and Phil Brakensiek.  Just over 40 artists powered though a rain shower, painting from their cars, under umbrellas, under the covered porch, and looking out the garage door. 

The $500 purchase award, sponsored by Catala Facial Retreat and Boutique in New Melle, was won by Marcia Willman - watercolor “Almost Abandoned.” Winning Honorable Mentions were Liz Vargas - ink on watercolor, “Modern Barn” and Lori Nass - watercolor “Cold Front’.

1. Winners at Carlas web IMG_4001.jpg
Congratulations to the Catala Paint Out winners! April 29, 2019. (L-R) Judge Larry Siwek, Host and Sponsor Carla Brakensiek,
Marcia Willman - 1st Place Purchase Award: “Almost Abandoned” watercolor.
Honorable Mentions: Liz Vargas - “Modern Barn” ink and watercolor, and Lori Nass - “Cold Front” watercolor.

Following the Catala Paint Out, the artists painted in and around New Melle from noon to 5:30 p.m. Over 60 artists registered for that event, which was hosted at the Quarry Wine Garden on Hwy. Z. The $500 Purchase Award was sponsored by Peoples Savings Bank. The New Melle Chamber of Commerce provided the artists with pictures of potential places to paint in the community and a map to those locations, a $5-off lunch coupon, and a ticket for a complimentary glass of wine from Peoples Savings Bank along with a souvenir wine glass from the chamber.

Throughout the day, artists set up their easels and painted local landscapes, buildings and other items of interest. The day culminated with a reception, art sale, and awards presentation at  the Quarry Wine Garden.

The 1st Place Purchase Award in New Melle was won by Jamie Green for his watercolor, “Feed Store” Receiving Honorable Mentions were Jennylynne Grigg- oil, “Spring Reflections” and R. Gregory Summers - oil, ”Go to the Top.”

Don Meyer, in presenting the purchase award, complimented the artists, thanked them for coming,  and invited them to come back again next year. Meyer also thanked the Greater Augusta Chamber of Commerce Plein Air committee for putting on an outstanding 10-day event for the artists, and for inviting New Melle to be part of it.

Ranko Radoman thanked both Catala Facial Boutique and Retreat and Peoples Savings Bank for supporting the event, the New Melle Chamber of Commerce, the Quarry Wine Garden, and the community at large for their hospitality, plus everyone who purchased works of art at the event.

2. Winners New Melle web IMG_7670.jpg
Congratulations to the New Melle Paint Out winners!
1st Place Purchase Award Jamie Green - watercolor, “Feed Store” (center, with sponsor Don Meyer, Peoples Savings Bank.)
Honorable Mentions: (left) Jennylynne Grigg- oil, “Spring Reflections”
and (right) R. Gregory Summers - oil, “Go to the Top.”’Judge: Henryk Ptasiewicz (far right.)


The Augusta Plein Air Art Festival has earned a reputation for being one of the best Plein Air art events in the Midwest. The 10-day event culminates with a final sale on Sunday, May 5th, at Mt. Pleasant Estates. Visit and follow on Facebook for daily events and more info. A portion of the proceeds from the event support scholarships for students who live in the Augusta Fire Protection District.

Special thanks are extended to the chamber members who volunteered their time to help, to the management and staff at the Quarry Wine Garden, to the New Melle VFW members for putting up flags along the streets and loaning the use of small flags to help direct artists to various locations, to the people from the community who invited artists to their properties, to Catala Facial Retreat & Boutique for donating snacks for the artists, and to anyone else who supported the event in any way.

At the Catala Paint Out:
1. Antoinette Elgin Defiance at Carlas web IMG_7556.jpg
Antoinette Elgin, Defiance.

2. Debbie Williams Millstadt IL web  IMG_7558.jpg
Debbie Williams, Millstadt, IL

3. Sarah Wood Stanberry MO web IMG_7564.jpg
Sarah Wood, Standberry, MO

4. Buchs Thomas Waukesha WI web IMG_7571.jpg
Thomas Buchs, Waukesha, WI

5. Spencer Meagher Mount Vernon IL web  IMG_7570.jpg
Spencer Meagher, Mt. Vernon, IL

At the New Melle Paint Out:
1. Gabriele Baber Lake St Louis web  IMG_7578.jpg
Gabriele Baber - Lake St. Louis, painting a barn.

2. painting at the quarry web IMG_7572.jpg
Artists at the Quarry Wine Garden.

3. Specer Meagher and Jamie Green from Ben Waggoner web  IMG_7151.jpg
Spencer Meagher, foreground, and Jamie Green, Quincy, IL
(event prize winner) painting new New Melle. Photo courtesy of Ben Waggoner.

4. Liz Vargas Kansas City KS web  IMG_7589.jpg
Liz Vargas painting a panorama of New Melle.

5. Daniel Fishback in New Melle web IMG_7602.jpg
Daniel Fishback, St. Louis, painting on Birchtree Lane.

6. Teddy Jackson web IMG_7585.jpg
Teddy Jackson, Lees Summit, painting cows.

7. PSB group web  IMG_7630.jpg
Peoples Savings Bank employees from WingHaven and New Melle:
(L-R) Jordan Lampkin, Don Meyer, Leah Murphy, Rebecca Stone, Darla Dowd,
Tammy Buxton, Erin Carey, Debbie James, Rita Roundtree and Lisa Jose.

8. Art for Sale 1 web IMG_7616.jpg
A few of the many paintings that were for sale. 

9. Art for sale 2 web IMG_7612.jpg
A few of the many paintings that were for sale. 

10. Enjoying the reception web IMG_7641.jpg
Local residents enjoying the reception. 

11. reception 2 web IMG_7645.jpg
Local residents enjoying the reception. 

12. reception 2 IMG_7652.jpg
Local residents enjoying the reception.