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First the smoke, then the BOOM!

The implosion of the Washington Bridge on April 11 was both exciting and a little sad. The old bridge was such an iconic structure for the community, but we appreciate the wider lane widths on the new bridge! It was interesting to me, in watching the videos, the delay between seeing the smoke and hearing the boom. From a distance as close as the Washington Riverfront Landing, there was still a significant delay. Then several seconds later, the boom was heard at least as far away as New Melle!

MoDOT officials called the implosion a huge success. 750 explosive charges all detonated with a matter of 8 milliseconds. The new bridge, which was closed for the demolition, reopened about 45 minutes later after it was determined it suffered no damage in the blast, and debris was removed from the

Thank you, Ida Hoffmann-Randall, for sharing your unique perspectives from that day.


1. smoke closeup 1 DSC_0597.jpg
First the Smoke...

2. smoke close up 2 web DSC_0597.jpg
First the Smoke...

3 Smoke close up 3 DSC_0597.jpg
First the Smoke...

4. Falling 1 web DSC_0600.jpg
Then the fall.

5. close up hitting the water 1 DSC_0603.jpg
Hitting the water.

6. close up  hitting the water 2 DSC_0604.jpg

7. closeup of the part that didnt fall web DSC_0650.jpg
A close up of the north end of the bridge which did not completely collapse.