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Congratulations to New Melle Passion Play - Letter to the Editor

Congratulations to the cast and crew of this year’s Passion Play for a job well done. The production was amazingly professional. Although I loved it the last time I attended (about ten years ago), I loved it even more this year. There were special effects and other additions that I did not recall, and suspect were not present when I last attended. Even the lighting and sound seemed much improved.

The actors knew exactly what to do, when to do it, and what to say about it. There were no stumbles, mixed cues or misstated lines that I could tell, which is always an indication of careful preparation. The choir sounded good, too. Even though I know some of the choir members have performed this for many years, it didn’t sound like they were tired of it. That’s quite a feat in itself, manifesting a real love for the production. It shows.

The stage hands, some of whom were also actors, were adept at changing scenery without interfering with the story. There was never a moment when the addition or removal of a prop distracted the audience. And I love that the actors walk through the aisles indicating movement and distance.

It was really beautiful. Yes, I cried, even though I know the happy ending. Thank you, cast and crew, for sharing your talents with the rest of us.

Best wishes for many more successful years,
Marilyn O’Neill

Editor’s Note - by Dianne Sudbrock:  The play was indeed well done this year. (It’s good every year!) I think it is an amazing, under-acknowledged asset to our community. This year was especially unique in that the role of Jesus was played by Adam Mittler, son of Paul Mittler.  Paul, who is now the director and narrator, was the first person to play Jesus back in the early 80s when the New Melle Passion Play first started, and he has been involved every year since the very beginning. Adam did an excellent job and Paul was understandably very proud. Paul and Adam are not, however, the first father/son duo to play the lead part. We are hoping to gather photos of other multi-generaltional families and their roles in the New Melle Passion Play as part of our pre-play coverage next year.

1. On Cross 2 cropped web from Amanda 20190413_200345.jpg
Adam Mittler as Jesus.

2. judas web IMG_7013.jpg
Judas conspires with the High Priest to betray Jesus.

3. Jesus fixes ear web IMG_7102.jpg
Jesus reattaches the ear of the servant.

4. Jesus in the garden web IMG_7094.jpg
Praying in the Garden of Gethsamane.

5. Peter Denies web IMG_7113.jpg
Peter denies Jesus for the third time.

6. Paul and Adam web IMG_7188.jpg
Adam Mittler (Jesus) with his dad, Paul, who was the very first person to play the
role Jesus in the New Melle Passion Play, over 30 years ago.