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Paul Kemner Receives "Don't Let the Flame Go Out" Legacy Award

A community needs men and women who will step up to support a variety of areas in a town. We should not forget those people who step up and step out to make Augusta a great place to live.

Paul Kemner was recognized by Augusta Elementary School and the Augusta History Museum during the Sixth Grade Graduation Ceremony on May 9th for his long time dedication to the community. He was given the “Don’t Let the Flame Go Out Legacy Award” for his many personal contributions to Augusta in the areas of town sports (softball and baseball) government/leadership, and historical preservation. Paul spent many years on the Augusta Town Board. While on the Board, he introduced the creation of a town ballpark that we are still enjoying today. He was also a leader in the town’s commitment to history, dedicating over ten years to establishing and improving the Augusta History Museum and serving as museum board chairman.

Paul’s roots in the community run deep. His family started the Augusta Garage and Paul owned and operated it for many years until his retirement.  He has been a life-long role model for town residents and we were happy to present to him the 2019 “Don’ Let the Flame Go Out Legacy” Award.

Four sixth grade students interviewed Paul and produced a 10-minute video about his life that was presented when he received the award at the graduation ceremony.  Thank you to those students for their work on that project, and “Congratulations Paul!”

Augusta Kemner web IMG_1154.jpg
Bernice and Paul Kemner “Don’t Let the Flame Go Out” award recipient)
with Dr. Mary Robertson, Principal, Augusta Elementary School (far right.)

Augsuta kemner video girls who produced P1070248.JPG
The four students who did the interview and produced the 10-minute video.