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New Melle Festival Parade Results - 2019

Prize winners in the New Melle Festival parade were Joerling Bros Trucking (Best Commercial) for their float depicting the movie "Hangover"; and Immaculate Heart of Mary Church (Best Nonprofit) for depicting the movie, "Toy Story".

Other top point earners were Catala Facial Retreat and Boutique for the movie "Gilligan's Island"; Work Horse Construction for the movie "Cars", and Grace Hauling/On the Go for "Smokey and the Bandit".  There were several other entries that opted not to participate in the judging, including Hair Care by Rita  - "Jurassic Park"; St. Paul's Lutheran Church - "The Greatest Story Ever Told", St. John's UCC - "Batman", plus walking groups and other organizations. The 2019 Grand Marshalls were Gene and Flo Joerling - driven by their daughters Michell and Maelynn.

The parade was led by Don Joerling  and Jerry Bruns, transporting flags on their vehicles and representing the New Melle VFW. There were followed by the St. Charles County Ambulance District Honor Guard. The New Melle Fire Department participated with three trucks and a UTV.

The parade lasted about 1/2 hour, and was enjoyed by a large crowd of spectators lining the streets. Thanks to everyone who participated, plus the event planners and volunteers -- proof once again that people working together is a wonderful attribute of this community.

* Photos by of Ida Hoffmann-Randall.

1. Joerling 1st place web IMG_8760.jpg
Joerling Bros. Trucking won the Best Commercial award for their float
representing the movie angover.

2. Joerling first place close up web NM Parade 2019 40.jpg
Paul Joerling and his grandson. *

3. IHM Toy Story best non-profit web IMG_8795.jpg
Immaculate Heart of Mary's "Toy Story" float. Along the parade route, church
members gave out free links of cooked sausage as a promotion
for the church's fall sausage dinner.

4. IHm Toy Story group from laura web  IMG_0090.jpg
The IHM Float participants (before the parade started.)

5. grand marshalls web IMG_8734.jpg
The 2019 Grand Marshalls: Gene and Flo Joerling.

6. catala use web IMG_8777.jpg
Catala Facial Retreat and Boutique "Gilligan's Island."

7. Catala 2 web  NM Parade 2019 60.jpg
A closer look at "Gilligan's Island". *

8. workhorse web NM Parade 2019 65.jpg
Work Horse Construction - "Cars" *

9. Workhorse 2 web  NM Parade 2019 64.jpg
Brock Harvey and his son - pulling the Work Horse Float. *

10. Queens float web NM Parade 2019 81.jpg
The New Melle Festival Queen candidates did a float about the Disney Movie
"Moana" and gave out Hawaiian Leis to people along the route. *

11. Smokey and bandit float  web IMG_8804.jpg
Grace Hauling's "Smokey and the Bandit"

12. smokey and the bandit group web IMG_8710.jpg
The Smokey and the Bandit characters.

13. Smokey - Fred dog web NM Parade Prep 2019 16.jpg
A great shot of "Fred" *

14. Blondin and Karrenbrock web NM Parade 2019 44.jpg
Blondin Professional R.E. and Karrenbrock Const.
(Town scene painted by Mary Ann Boenker last year.) *

15. Blondin and Karrenbrock 2 web  NM Parade 2019 47.jpg
Blondin and Karrenbrock "Baby Shark" *

16. 4-H web IMG_8754.jpg
Boone Country 4-H Club.

17. Rita good web  NM Parade 2019 32.jpg
Hair Care by Rita "Jurassic Park" *

18. St Pauls cropoped web IMG_8806.jpg
St. Paul's Lutheran Church "The Greatest Story Ever Told"

19. batmann st johns ucc web NM Parade 2019 85.jpg
St. John's UCC - "Batman". *

20. Leading off web NM Parade 2019 1.jpg
Leading off - Don Joerling and Jerry Bruns. *

21. Leading off honor guard NM Parade 2019 7.jpg
St. Charles County Ambulance District Honor Guard. *
22. DB ELEMENTARY web NM Parade 2019 24.jpg
Daniel Boone Elementary. *

23. boyscouts web  NM Parade 2019 19.jpg
Cub Scout Pack 856. *

24. patriot guard web NM Parade 2019 25.jpg
Patriot Guard. *

25. Mule Ben web NM Parade 2019 94.jpg
Riding the mules. *

26. Mule Brad web NM Parade 2019 89.jpg
Riding the mules. *

27. Mule Tyler web NM Parade 2019 92.jpg
Riding the mules. *

* Photos by of Ida Hoffmann-Randall.