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New Melle Festival Baby Contest Winners

The New Melle Festival Baby Contest was sponsored by Ages and Stages Learning Center. The sponsorship includes providing money for trophies, balloons, and a chance to win a $25 gift card. The judges this year were the New Melle Festival Queen contestants and the M.C./Coordinator was Wendy Corley.

Birth to 6 Months web 2 cropped.jpg
Birth to 6 Months: Girls (front): 1st Place (tie) - E. Soltysiak; 1st Place (tie) - L. Wilmes; 2nd Place - N. Young. Boys (back): 1st Place - G.Daunter.

7 to 12 months web 2.jpg
7-12 Months Girls (front): 1st Place - J. Willming; 2nd Place - K. Niederjohn. Boys (back): 1st Place - T. Harting; 2nd Place - J. Ballmann; 3rd Place - T. Brittingham.

19 to 24 months web.jpg
13-18 Months Girls (front): 1st Place - W. Schneider; 2nd Place - E. Kop; 3rd Place - J. Hespen. Boys (back): 1st Place - T. Laurent; 2nd Place - O. Hagenhoff.

19 to 24 months web.jpg
19-24 Months Girls (front): 1st Place - C. Oberg; 2nd Place (tie) - K.Flickinger; 3rd Place - M. Kops. (Back): 2nd Place girl (tie)- L. Willis; 1st Place boy - L. Hodges; 2nd Place girl (tie)- S. Keyes.

Photos by Ida Hoffmann Randall.