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Beware of Phone Scams regarding Social Security, Credit Cards, Jury Duty, etc.

A local resident reported receiving a phone call recently stating there was some suspicious activity on their Social Security card and therefore it was being suspended, pending a phone call to a particular number.

This is reminder -- If you receive a phone call or email message asking to call and confirm your Social Security number, do not reply. Do not give your personal information. 

Be especially wary of any callers who try to pressure you with urgency and threats that your benefits will cease, that there will be a warrant issued for your arrest, or that you will owe a penalty if you don't provide the requested information immediately, on the phone.

Also be wary of phone calls accusing you of missing jury duty, etc. and telling you that you must provide information over the phone.

Many credit card companies will now contact you if they suspect fraudulent charges on your credit card. They should NOT ask you to verify your card number. They should, instead, simply ask if you made a charge for a specific dollar amount to a specific business. If you're unsure if you're really talking to your credit card company, tell the caller you will call the customer service number on the back of your card. The caller should readily agree to that. If they don't, beware.

Take care and stay vigilant.