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Changes to Cuivre River Electric’s medical alert program

Updated forms needed for alert registry 

TROY, Mo., September 23, 2019 – Members of Cuivre River Electric Cooperative (CREC) who are currently enrolled in the co-op’s medical alert registry will soon receive correspondence which requests completion of a new form in order to maintain status as a medical priority account. 

CREC’s medical alert registry keeps the co-op informed about member households in which someone has a serious medical condition that is dependent on the operation of electrical equipment at that service location. Registry accounts are identified in the cooperative’s mapping system which helps the co-op notify you in the case of planned power outages. Priority is also given to these account locations in the event of extended power outages.

 Those who are currently listed with the co-op’s registry will need to complete the new medical alert registration form, or have their legal guardian or power of attorney fill out the form and return it to the cooperative. There is a section that must be completed and signed by a licensed physician that certifies the medical condition meets the definition of a medical emergency patient or critical care patient. Failure to submit this form by November 22, 2019 will result in the member location being removed from the medical alert registry. It can be added again in the future, once the forms are submitted. 

For anyone who has recently joined CREC and needs to enroll with our medical alert registry, please visit our website to download the form – look for Medical Alert Registry under the Electric Services tab on the home page. You can also call or stop by either CREC location to pick up a form. 

Going forward, members enrolled in the registry will be required to submit a new form every two years to maintain their status as a medical priority account. 

For more information or questions, please contact CREC at 800-392-3709, Option 3. 

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