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Augusta Harvest Festival Loads of Fun!

The 2019 Augusta Harvest Festival September 20-21 was highly memorable and loads of fun! The rain challenged us this year..... will it or won’t it?? (Hasn’t that been the question most of this year??) Logistical gymnastics were performed when a sudden rainstorm popped up just as our Friday night vineyard picnic was beginning! But all was safely moved into the Harmonie-Verein and the picnic continued, producing an unforgettable and charming evening for all. The rain held off on Saturday and all events for our “family day” proceeded as scheduled, including the 5K, pancake breakfast, pie contest and sale, parade, pony rides, children’s crafts and games, UMSL storytellers, a square dance, a Buster-Keaton silent movie, a pumpkin launch, and a musical performance by the Texas Giants. Wow! What a great day! The final event of the festival was the “Wine Makers’ Dinner” where diners mingled with local wine-makers and enjoyed a delicious feast with local wine pairings. It was truly a “big weekend” for Augusta! Thank you to all who participated, and we hope to see you again next fall!

Augusta pumpking launch for real web .jpg
A pumpkin launch - new for 2019 - was a big hit with the kids.

2. Augusta Marcie GaGaBallweb.jpg
Playing GaGa Ball.

3. Augusta Milking Cow web IMG_0720.jpg
Milking the Cow.

4. Augusta Listeninng to the music web  image2.jpg
Listening to The Texas Giants.

5. Augusta pie walk web image2 (2).jpg
Enjoying the pie walk.

6. parade 2 boys in a Car web.jpg
Two boys in a miniature car.

7. Parade Gerdiman tractor pulling 4-H wagon web.jpg
The Gerdimans - pulling the 4-H float.

8. Parade DB 4-H Club Wagon web.jpg
The Daniel Boone 4-H club members.

9. Parade Augusta Elementary Blue Jaysweb.jpg
Augusta Elementary Blue Jays.

10. Parade Local Residentsweb.jpg
Local residents.

11. parade grap harvester web.jpg
A huge grape harvester.

12. parade two girls.jpg
Two young ladies giving out candy.

13. parade Schultz Haus Vineyard web.jpg
Schultz House Vineyard truck.

14. Swingin in the Vines Moved inside web IMG_0380.jpg
Swingin' in the Vines moved into the Harmonie Verein due to rain.

Photos courtesy of Marcie Mathes, Natasha Berkel,
Jodie Howell-Repke and Lynn Hofer. Thank you!