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Augusta Tell It Like It Was to Feature Nadler Cousins

Augusta Tell It Like It Was has a treat for you on Tuesday, January 21,  6:30 p.m. at the Harmonie Verein Hall, 5422 Hackman Road. We will interview together first cousins, Leroy and Dave Nadler.

nadler tell it like it was web IMG_2897.jpg

Once upon a time two Nadler brothers married two Mallinckrodt sisters on the same day in the same ceremony, and in time came two cousins, Leroy and Dave. Both were born and raised in Augusta.

Leroy currently lives on a Missouri Century family farm just east of Augusta. He is the fourth generation to occupy the farm.

Dave lives west of town on the Augusta Bottom Road. During his career he has poured and finished an untold number of concrete floors and sidewalks throughout the area.
The public is invited and encouraged to attend.

Please note: All Tell It Like It Was interviews in 2020 are scheduled to be held at Harmonie Verein on the third Tuesday of each month.