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Defiance Woman Starts Ministry for Veterans and Families – Now on Radio

In 2005, Kenneth and Kim Milberg’s son, Alex, joined the Marine Corps as a machine gunner, putting him directly in the midst of danger on both of his two deployments to Iraq.  Kim said, “Despite being a nurse and a strong Christian, I still didn’t hold up too well during that time. I managed to fracture all my jaw teeth as I attempted to deal with the stress of knowing my son was in close proximity to those who wanted to end his life.”

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When Alex got back to the USA, the heart he had for his fellow Marines helped Kim see a mostly unmet need to support families with sons and daughters in the military, as well as veterans who were returning home from war. Kim, who lived in Defiance, said, “Because of our struggles and victories, I was asked to start a Military Ministry at our church, a group my husband and I led for about 6 years.  After that, I felt God compelling me to begin my own ministry called ‘Leave None Behind Ministries.’”

Leave None Behind Ministries, LLC is a teaching ministry. Kim offers in-depth teachings on prayer, marriage and goal-setting, all of which include information on the brain, it’s neurotransmitters and hormones. The program content is geared towards those who have gone though great stress or PTSD. Most teachings include information about stress-specific nutrition. The content is presented in workbook form. They can be done alone, in a small group, or in a one-on-one study together with Kim. Kim also offers a mentoring program, which includes all Kim’s teachings.

The cornerstone of Kim’s teachings is the biblical Blood Covenant. Kim said, “A lack of understanding of the Blood Covenant can cause a great struggle in understanding salvation. Understanding Blood Covenant can bring great peace in a hurting heart.”

Leave None Behind Ministries is on Facebook. Kim also maintains another Facebook page called “Collection of Veterans Internet Support Sites” which contains nearly 6,000 veterans support organizations around the U.S. Each day she tries to spotlight three organizations that can help veterans and their families, such as equine therapy, job opportunities, fly fishing, whitewater rafting, even therapy with wolves! 

In 2019, Kim became an ordained minister, and currently has a radio show on Internet radio at Ferguson USA Hot Talk Radio.  The show, which is called ‘Help, Hope, and Healing with Kim Milberg’, airs every Friday from noon to 12:30pm. 

On the show, Kim pulls in information from her ministry and spotlights organizations listed in the “Collection of Veterans Internet Support Sites” page.  Many support organizations now welcome both vets as well as first responders.  

In the future, Kim looks forward to writing more teachings, facilitating more one-on-one and small group sessions, and speaking engagements in churches and other public venues.
To hear her radio show, visit

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit, and follow “Collection of Veterans Internet Support Sites” and “Leave None Behind Ministries”.