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Why It’s So Critical That We Self Isolate - Attorney General Says "Act as Though You Are Infected"

By Dianne Sudbrock

There are still many people taking this Coronavirus threat and the need to social distance/self-isolate very casually.

Please consider just these local statistics:

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population in St. Charles County in 2017 was 395,504 people.

Per, the five general acute care hospitals in St. Charles County and their bed capacities are:

SSM St. Joseph – St. Charles Licensed Beds: Medical Surgical– 255, Rehab – 20, NICU – 4, ICU – 20, OB – 12, Psych – 22. Total licensed beds: 333

SSM St. Joseph West – Lake St. Louis Licensed Beds: Medical Surgical – 181, Pediatric – 4, ICU – 10, OB – 20, Psych - 0. Total licensed beds: 215.

SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital Wentzville Licensed Beds: 77 Psych Beds. Total licensed beds: 77.

Barnes Jewish – St. Peters Licensed Beds: Medical Surgical – 97, ICU – 16. Total licensed beds: 113.

Progress West – O’Fallon Licensed Beds: Medical Surgical – 42, Pediatric - 2, NICU – 6, ICU – 6, OB – 20, Total licensed beds: 76.

If just 1 percent of the population of St. Charles County needs to be hospitalized, that’s 3,955 people. There are 814 total licensed hospital beds in the county (including the 77 the psych beds in Wentzville) and 52 ICU beds. (Not to mention that Warren and Montgomery Counties have virtually no hospital beds, so where are those people going to go?)

The U.S. Surgeon General said this morning the next 2 weeks are imperative and that we all need to act as though we already have the virus. Assume that you might be contagious even though you don’t have symptoms, and protect yourself and others.

Please: Take this seriously.