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Two Churches Merge to Create “Red Tree Church – New Melle”

Life is an adventure, full of exciting and scary moments, twists, turns and everything in between. Some of us run to adventure while others run away from it.  Either way adventure will find us.

In 1960, a group of adventure-seeking people wanted to make a difference. They started New Melle Baptist Church and have faithfully served their Savior and the community for the past 60 years.  In 2020, the people of New Melle Baptist Church are ready for more adventure.  Their desire to share the love of Jesus and serve this community is just as strong today as it was in 1960.

In August 2016, Red Tree Church launched at Wentzville South Middle with the same heart and passion: to honor God, love people and make a difference in the world.  From day one, Red Tree wanted to build into the DNA of this church that life is about helping others and always keeping God first.  Since 2016 Red Tree has served in the community, partnering with a local food pantry, local schools, Homeless Ministries and Human Trafficking ministry as well as hosting free sports camps, pool parties and outdoor family movie nights. Also, Red Tree partners with missionaries around the world serving those who are orphans, blind, illiterate, hungry and in need of clean water.

In March 2020, the two churches voted overwhelmingly to unite to become Red Tree Church - New Melle.  The prayer is the same today as it was in 1960 and 2016 - to make the biggest difference in our community and around the world for generations to come. With nearly 180 regular attenders, Red Tree will be able to offer thriving ministries for all age groups from kids to senior adults. Stay tuned for the launch and Grand Opening of Red Tree Church - New Melle. In the meantime, join us Sundays on Youtube at

Please know we are here and praying for you during this time of uncertainty.  If you are in need of prayer or assistance please contact us: 636-828-5655 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are looking for ways to help others, contact us to learn more about helping families in our community, bringing clean water to vulnerable children, and meeting urgent needs with The Covering House (which provides refuge and restoration for sexually exploited and trafficked children and teens.)

NM Baptist Church building web IMG_2059.jpgThe New Melle Baptist Church will become the home of Red Tree Church - New Melle