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Lake Sherwood Honors 2020 Graduates with Parade & Beach-side Ceremony

On Thursday, May 21, 2020, Lake Sherwood Estates celebrated the 2020 High School Graduates in their community with a parade and special beach-side ceremony.

Event organizer, Suzanne Bennett, said, “When the Covid-19 restrictions started in March, my friend and neighbor was disheartened because she felt her son and his classmates were going to be cheated out of so many of the celebrations and memories that go with being a high school graduate.” Bennett said, “I promised her I would do something special for him, but as I started planning, I realized there were several families in our neighborhood going through the same thing.”

Bennett said she knew from her own experience that being a mom of a Senior is a very emotional time, and layering that with Covid-19 distancing made it that much harder. She said, “I wanted to give the graduates and their families something to look forward to and remember about this special time in their lives. Most of these students grew up together, and even though they didn’t all graduate from the same high school, they’ve known each other a long time.”

Bennett found out there were 18 seniors in the community graduating from a variety of area high schools, including Washington, Penn Foster, CBC and Bridgeway Academy. Fifteen of those students and their families were able to participate in the special Lake Sherwood celebration.
The festivities started with a parade through the community where the seniors rode in decorated vehicles and were greeted and cheered on by friends and neighbors as they passed by. The families then gathered at the beach for a Graduation Ceremony. Families were seated at picnic tables spread out to comply with social distancing guidelines. Bennet gave a motivational speech and then proceeded to give each student a “Noodleploma” as they crossed the stage. 

Bennet said she was happy to provide a way to honor the graduates and celebrate with their families, “The residents of Lake Sherwood pull together often, helping each other on many different levels.” She is thankful to everyone who participated and to all the residents that came out to support the graduates during the parade. Bennett said, “Our community is special and we are blessed to have each other.”

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Photos submitted by Suzanne Bennett