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T-Shirt Campaign Helped Local Restaurants

Back in March when the Stay at Home orders were first implemented in our area, Erin Cubbie Cox found herself suddenly with time on her hands. She and her husband are both self-employed small business owners, and they wanted to do something to help the struggling restaurants in our area. Erin threw some ideas out to the Daniel Boone / New Melle Moms Facebook page and things took off from there.

small town strong t-shirt IMG_2099.jpg

Erin said an idea is nothing without execution. Cari Heintzelman was the machine behind all of this. Using Erin’s “Small Town Strong” idea, Cari designed and printed the T-shirts and ran the website. Angie Hopson Lueders helped with productivity and shipping. Kelly Gaffney-Henry and Kevin Bosch helped with deliveries. And most importantly, so many people ordered shirts! In a period of about 3 weeks, over $4000 was raised benefitting Maracas Mexican Family Restaurant, Fireside Bar and Grill, and Liz’s Bar and Grill. Erin wants to thank everyone who helped and/or purchased shirts. She said, “I have received so many kind messages and I appreciate all of them, but I didn’t do this alone. This was a team effort, a huge success, and my heart is overflowing.”

Later, using the same “Small Town Strong” theme, Sunshine Lemarek made necklaces and sold them, raising approximately $250 to benefit Catala Facial Retreat and Boutique in New Melle.

All the recipients want the community to know they are extremely grateful for the support.