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St. Paul Lutheran Welcomes New Pastor Maxx Fisher

St. Paul Lutheran Church in New Melle is overjoyed to welcome their new pastor, Maxx Fisher.  He will be officially installed on Sunday, August 2, at 3:00 p.m., and preach his first sermon for his new congregation in New Melle on Sunday, August 9.  As a recent graduate of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, he received the call to St. Paul’s on April 28 and accepted the call shortly thereafter.  He has been out to visit his new church and parsonage several times already.


Pastor Fisher is originally from Seymour, Indiana, where he grew up in one of the four Lutheran churches there.  He received his Master of Divinity (M. Div.) from Concordia in 2019, and is currently in the process of finishing up his Master of Sacred Theology (S.T.M).  He was ordained in his home church in Seymour on July 19, 2020.  In his five years as a student at Concordia Seminary, he has been able to travel around the country and the world, learning and growing alongside God’s faithful servants.  

Pastor Fisher is 28 years old and plans to marry his fiancé Janie Schlie in October.  Janie is a deaconess student at Concordia and will finish her academic work in two years. 

In an introductory letter to the congregation at St. Paul’s, he wrote, “As far as ministry is concerned, I believe that we are brothers and sisters in Christ.  A true family. And while I am a newcomer to your family at St. Paul’s, I am eager to grow and learn with you.  I want to listen.  I want to understand.  And I want to show how serious I am about what it means to embody the self-sacrificial love of Christ.  My hope is that we all embrace the familial love Christ has shown us so that we can together (only together) embrace His call to the adventure of service in His kingdom.  It will be hard.  It will mean suffering and sacrifice.  It will mean witnessing the crucified and risen Jesus to our community of New Melle, and perhaps further still!  But it will mean great joy, great peace, and a sharing of great love as well.  It all begins at home, at St. Paul’s, where we receive His Word and Sacraments.  Thank you for giving me the honor of being your pastor that I might lead and serve by being God’s vessel to deliver this forgiveness, this good news, this new life, this Word, and these sacraments with you. Thank you for inviting me into your tradition, your community, your lives, and your family!  If God so wills it, I look forward to watching this family grow inward and outward so that we might let the light of Christ shine in and through us to a world that needs Him now more than ever.” 

Pastor Fisher ended his letter with these words:  “To conclude, I enjoy most sports.  I played basketball, football and tennis growing up, but I’m not picky.  Janie might even convince me to become a full-fledged Cardinals fan!  I love hiking and camping.  I enjoy being outdoors so expect the backyard to be in use often!  Janie and I enjoy cooking together and we look forward to having you over for a meal or even just to hang out.  Be warned though, we are beginners and could use some culinary expertise to educate us!   Perhaps a good potluck or two would be a good way to start!?”

St. Paul Lutheran church encourages everyone in the community to join us in worship and meet our new pastor.  Currently, services are being held at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings both electronically through Zoom and in person by making a reservation to accommodate social distancing.  Contact Sherry Brandes at 636-359-3444 for more information.