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New Melle 2020 Festival Parade Highlights


Congratulations to the 2020 New Melle Parade Winners! First place ($100) went to Catala Boutique & Boutique. Second place ($75) and the People's Choice Award went to The New Melle Festival Queen Float. Third place ($50) went to  Workhorse Construction. The Not-for-Profit award went to the Boone Country 4-H Club.

1. Catala first place web IMG_2760.jpg
First place float by Catala Facial Retreat and Boutique.

2. queens 2nd place web IMG_2709.jpg
Second place float by the New Melle Queen Candidates

3. workhorse 3rd place web IMG_2767.jpg
Third place float by Work Horse Construction.

4. 4-H club 1st non profit webIMG_2724.jpg
Best Not for Profit: Boone Country 4-H Club.

5. Grand Marshalls Devin and Marilyn Jones web IMG_2686.jpg
Grand Marshalls: Rev. Devin and Marilyn Jones.

6. retiring queen Josie Brakensiek web IMG_2693.jpg
Retiring Queen Josie Brakensiek.

7. Little Miss and Mrs web on truck IMG_2698.jpg
Little Miss and Mister, Grace and Naythan.

8. 2020 queen Sammy Brague web IMG_2701.jpg
2020 New Melle Festival Queen Sammy Brague.

9. vfw web IMG_2680.jpg
Members of the New Melle VFW led the parade.

Fire dept big truck web IMG_2681.jpg
New Melle Fire Department.

11. fire dept pick up web  IMG_2682.jpg
New Melle Fire Department.

12. Ms Missouri US Majesty web IMG_2751.jpg
Ms. Missouri US Majesty Valerie Myers.

13. Welge BJW Construction web  IMG_2729.jpg
BJW (Brian Welge) Construction in a 1933 Ford.

14. welsch web IMG_2741.jpg
Welsch Heating and Cooling, featuring a 1958 Ford.

15. Karrenbrock Const web  IMG_2718.jpg
Karrenbrock Construction.

16. on the go web IMG_2744.jpg
On The Go Hauling.