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Franklin County COVID Update 8/24/20

As of the end of the day August 23, 2020, Franklin County, Missouri reported 869 cumulative COVID-19 positive cases, up from 407 on July 23, the last data we published.

There are currently 189 active cases in the county (up from 97 active cases on July 23); 4 are in skilled care facilities, 10 are hospitalized.

Total fatalities due in part to Corona virus is 20 (up from 18 as of July 23.)

To view the published reports, click below:  
Franklin County COVID 8 14 2020 Chart.pdf   
Franklin County COVID Summary Page 8 24 2020 One Page.pdf  

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A Message from the Franklin County Health Department 8/24/20:

The Franklin County health department staff have worked tirelessly since March to respond to Covid-19, provide data to the public, work with community partners, hire and train additional staff, replace staff and maintain all of the requirements of the contacts and grants that fund us.   

From the beginning of this pandemic, our first priority has always been focused on disease case investigation of Covid-19 positive cases and contact tracing of all close contacts.  Due to the ongoing increase in Covid-19 cases, implementation of a new DHSS Communicable Disease Surveillance System and an order to prioritize contact tracing for children our ability to investigate all cases and provide data to the community in a timely manner is no longer manageable.    

Moving forward, we will no longer release information on cases that have met guidelines to be removed from isolation (identified on our spreadsheet as recovered).  This is a time-consuming process and pulls our focus from higher priority needs.  For most persons with Covid-19 illness, isolation can generally be discontinued 10 days after symptom onset, resolution of fever and symptom improvement.    

On August 7, 2020 Dr. Randall Williams, Director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has ordered all health departments to prioritize contact tracing for school aged children.  The order is limited to individuals at least three years of age but no older than twenty-one years of age. 

With this change we will prioritize our time on the following items; 

-Confirmed cases and contact tracing of school age children.

-Confirmed cases and contact tracing of individuals associated with long term care facilities.

-Confirmed cases and contact tracing from any entity that has two or more confirmed cases.

-All remaining confirmed Covid-19 case. 

If you test positive for COVID-19, please do not wait for us to call you to start isolation.  You should isolate from date of test forward.  Isolation ends when you have a negative test result or have met guidelines to be removed from isolation.  Isolation means you do not go to work or leave your home with the exception of a medical or family emergency.  While home, anyone sick or infected should separate themselves from others by staying in a specific “sick room” or area and using a separate bathroom (if available). Start making a contact list for "close contacts" that you have been around 48 hours prior to symptom onset. Let your contacts know that they may have been exposed. 

If you have been within six feet of a confirmed COVID-19 case for at least 15 minutes, please self-quarantine at home away from others for 14 days after the last contact with the case and monitor for symptoms of COVID-19. If you are being tested for COVID-19, please be aware a negative test does not remove a close contact from quarantine.  

Every business needs to utilize CDC guidance to prepare a pandemic plan if not already done. 

The Franklin County Health Department is urging all citizens to do the following; 

-If you are sick, even if you believe it is “just allergies” stay home to ensure symptoms do not progress.  For questions, contact your medical provider.
-Avoid unnecessary socializing in groups that do not allow for social distancing.
-Wear face coverings when unable to social distance.
-Vulnerable persons should take strict precautions
-Eat healthy, exercise and make sure you are taking time to rest and relax.
-Continue to practice good hygiene:
          ---Wash hands with soap and water, or use hand sanitizer;
          ---Avoid touching your face;
          ---Sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow or shirt; and
          ---Disinfect frequently used items and surfaces as much as possible.