Community Interest

Please be Courteous of Bicyclists

By Dianne Sudbrock, Editor

A local resident was recently struck twice by motorists on local county roads. Once the rider was clipped by a mirror as a vehicle passed going the same direction. Another time, the rider was almost hit head-on in an “S” curve as a northbound truck cut the curve - all the way into the oncoming traffic lane!

The driver’s side mirror struck the southbound bike rider’s shoulder, and the back wheel of the truck struck the back wheel of the bike, throwing the rider into the ditch! Amazingly, and fortunately, the bicyclist suffered relatively minor injuries.

By Missouri state and local law, bicyclists are allowed to use the road. Bicyclists have the same rights and duties as other vehicle drivers. When passing cyclists, common sense and standard traffic law dictate that “Drivers shall pass at a safe distance.” Squeezing past is simply unsafe — no matter if you are passing a bicycle, a pedestrian, or a motorcycle. Speed is also an issue. The speed limit on county roads in our area is 35 mph!

Please! Slow down. Obey the laws, and respect human life!