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Franklin County Commissioner Urges "Take Virus Seriously"

Franklin County Missouri Commissioner, Tim Brinker, released the following statements Tuesday evening, Nov. 10, 2020:

"Having just finished conversations with our St Louis Regional health leaders and Political leaders, it is absolutely hyper critical that all Missourians adhere to the recommendations regarding ALL aspects of mitigating the virus. The Healthcare system of the St. Louis region is currently days away from being left with making the grave choice of who gets treated and who gets put on hold while in critical care need.

The facts are indeed telling, and the numbers do not lie. Do your part, wear a mask in public, make conscious choices that will help prevent spread, the time is now for everyone!"

"Parents tell your children, children remind your parents, help our elders stay safe! If you are sick stay Home! If you can work from home, do it!"

"The virus is our enemy! This is war! Take personal responsibility Now!!!!!"

Brinker also reported that Franklin County MO has contracted with MAXIMUS Federal Services Inc. to provide additional contact tracing and case management. The contract will provide much needed relief to our already stressed Health Department. Included will be 10 contact tracers, supervisory and operations personnel, data entry and 5 case managers. Contract cost is $363,993.00.