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Dutzow Area Complex to become Bethel Hills Community

Advocates for Community Choice is excited to announce the purchase of property in the Dutzow area for the location of Bethel Hills!

Bethel Hills will provide supportive housing, social, and other opportunities for adults with and without intellectual or developmental disabilities that enable them to live, learn, and worship together.

Our vision is a faith-based community where adults with and without developmental disabilities live life to the fullest together.

An important aspect of Bethel Hills will be adults without disabilities who choose to live alongside adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities as good neighbors and providing natural supports. These may include individuals, couples, or families who have a natural affinity to this kind of setting. The common thread is they all have giving and caring DNA.

There are approximately 41,000 adults in Missouri with an intellectual or developmental disability, and roughly 50% of them live with family caregivers instead of in a home of their own. More urgently, approximately 25% rely on a family caregiver aged 60 or older. “What will life be like for my son or daughter after we are gone?” is a question that is universal among these families.

Bethel Hills will be the homeowner and property manager. Each resident needing support services will contract with the support provider of their choice for that service. Bethel Hills residents will continue to be actively involved in the wider community as they choose—shopping, working, medical appointments, recreational choices, visiting friends.

After 6 years of preparation-- establishing as a 501c3, researching the need, community interest and support, getting feedback through focus groups, visiting other such communities throughout the nation, addressing legislative concerns, and researching various possible locations, we are thrilled to find this perfect location for the establishment of Bethel Hills!

The 128-acre property, previously known as Rockyvine and Dakota Boys Ranch, has infrastructure in place with water and sewer services on site, owned and operated by St Charles County Water District #2, as well as existing structures including a gymnasium and a chapel. Phase I will be remodeling and repurposing the existing structures. Existing homes will be remodeled into beautiful 3-bedroom duplexes and a couple smaller apartments will be available. Every home will be accessible. Phase II will be construction of the first pocket neighborhood of 10-12 homes adjacent to the gymnasium. Phase III will come later, a larger pocket neighborhood back behind the chapel.

There are plans for a Pumpkin Patch operated by Drew’s Dream in the lower fields, a chicken house, a green house, a barn for small animals, raised gardens, and so much more. The goal is to provide a rural experience for those choosing to live at Bethel Hills. The commercial kitchen offers opportunity as a community event center. This along with other microenterprises will enhance the experience as well as provide much needed cash flow.

We have been quite fortunate to have advisors along the journey from the beginning. Bart Korman, civil engineer with Lewis-Bade in Warrenton, and Kurt Voss, our attorney, have been invaluable as we researched many property options being available to us for advice, expertise, and legal support. Their commitment to the Bethel Hills project is a true blessing. Our financial advisors, architect, builders, consultants, business and industry experts provide indispensable expertise, and we’re grateful!

We contracted with LTO Ventures out of Texas to help us move forward. The greatest challenge has been starting from scratch with no history or credibility. As we increased our contact base from 150 to 1500 and more people became aware of the vision, research, and detailed plan to establish Bethel Hills in the area, the more support came. We have some incredibly generous donors whose financial contributions have made it possible to purchase the property debt-free! This is a community effort--providing options for the most vulnerable citizens to live out their lives in a stable, supportive neighborhood of their choice, and this community has shown it is eager to meet the need!

Upon closing March 1st, we are prepared to begin immediately with clean-up, needed repairs, and remodeling. We have teams set to work with work groups and volunteers, the Buildings Committee, the Grounds Committee and so many more areas. There will be much to do! If you or any of your organizations wish to volunteer to help get the property revitalized to meet the needs of future occupants, you can contact Billie Kramme, President of ACC, at 636-390-3564 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We welcome inquiries for more information and look forward to posting future updates as things progress. We also invite you to follow BethelHillsCommunity on Facebook. Contributions can be made to Advocates for Community Choice, PO Box 183, Washington, Mo 63090.

1. Bethel chapel IMG_3119.jpg
The Chapel at Bethel Hills Community.

2. Bethel Gym IMG_3085.jpg
The gym.

3. Bethel entrance IMG_3147.jpg
The property entrance.

4. Bethel Drew's family.jpg
The "Drew's Dream" pumpkin patch family.

5. Bethel Luke resized.jpg
Friends of Bethel Hills.

6. Bethel Puzzle IMG_0334.JPEG
Friends of Bethel Hills.

7. Bethel Becky Lori.JPG
Friends of Bethel Hills.