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Over 100 Vehicles Turn Out for Birthday Parade

By Dianne Sudbrock 

On Wednesday, March 3rd, friends of Jim Jackman paid tribute to him and celebrated his 74th birthday with a parade past his house. Over 100 vehicles and probably at least 150 people participated – driving by in cars, pickups, UTVs, and about 15 dump trucks.

Plus, there were at least four small planes that flew over multiple times, tipping their wings in tribute. Jim is a retired airline pilot and has several friends who are pilots. He is also an experienced horseman, and in fact, while he was enjoying the drive-by parade here, a group of friends in Arizona held a horse-riding parade in his honor which they later posted on Facebook. There was also a drone in the air recording the drive-by event. 

Jim and his wife, Sharon, have lived in the area for 36 years. They are active members of St. John’s UCC – Cappeln and have forged many deep friendships in the community. Jim was diagnosed with ALS in June 2019 and is confined to a wheelchair. The parade was an amazing tribute to a man that has been a wonderful friend to many, as well as a tribute to the character of this community. Fr. Tom said it best in his letter below.


Dear friends & neighbors, 

I am so thankful to God to be part of this community. Participating in the parade to celebrate the birthday of Jim Jackman was one the high points in recent years of genuine love and appreciation for a dear member of our community.  I have known Jim & Sharon since the beginning on my appointment to Immaculate Heart in 2012 

I had the opportunity to meet Jim at the Smoke Haus on a Saturday morning when I ventured over there for coffee and morning fellowship.  Since then I have had the opportunity to know him and Sharon in my visits to St. John's, my meanderings around the community and at numerous social occasions that would bring us together. 

I am so profoundly blessed by God with all the good He has poured into my lap with the people I am so blessed to know and love.  Jim is one of the most gracious people I have had the opportunity to meet and know. There is always a gentlemen quality to Jim when you chat with him. His love of life is evident and his appreciation for people and their experiences is evident when you spend time with him.   

To see so many people turning out for his birthday to support him and Sharon in the most recent chapter of their life is immensely consoling.  It shows an appreciation for the gift that Jim and Sharon are to our greater New Melle family.  It also shows a real compassion for them by so many in our area.  I pray for them every day that they will know the peace of God, the grace of Christ and the real love of neighbors that makes our lives all the more meaningful.  As Tiny Tim said at the end of A Christmas Carol:  "God bless us, everyone!" 

                                                                     Fr. Tom Miller

Thank You from the Jackman Family

Jim Jackman & his entire family would like to sincerely thank this wonderful community of New Melle & nearby vicinities for the most awesome drive-by & fly-by birthday parade on March 3 that we have or ever will see!! Your display of thoughtfulness & love was so appreciated & enjoyed by all of us - especially Jim! It was a happy day for him. He misses being out and about and seeing everyone. Thank you very much!! 

1. Jim waiving and lendgth of cars IMG_3959.jpg
An estimated 100 vehicles participated.

2. fire truckIMG_3943.jpg
The New Melle Fire Department led the parade, which was over a mile long.

3. Good drive by IMG_3984.jpg
People brought cards, signs, balloons and more.

4. flyover IMG_3973.jpg
Four different small planes flew over multiple times,
some tipped their wings in tribute to Jim.

5. Joerlings cropped IMG_4070.jpg
Gene and Flo Joerling in his dad's 1965 Ford pick up.

6. Paul Musket IMG_4039.jpg
Paul Musket in his 1959 GMC.

7. Willy Mueller Show truck IMG_4064.jpg
Willy Mueller in his 97 Ford F350.

8. dump trucks 4IMG_4100.jpg
About 15 dump trucks participated, many raising their
beds in salute as they drove by.

9. Kendall IMG_4155.jpg
Kendall and Katie Schmidt.

11. drive by baker IMG_4083.jpg
Nancy Baker and Diana Dierburg in Nancy's convertible.
(Jim teased them, calling them "Thema and Louise!"

Jim and Sharon recropped IMG_4160.jpg
Jim and Sharon Jackman.

10. rosburgs Happy Birthday Sign IMcG_4149.jpg
Bringing up the rear were next door neighbors, the Rosburgs,
presenting Jim with a sign.