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Augusta History Museum Plant Sale and Open House May 15

On Saturday, May 15 the Friends of Historic Augusta held a very successful plant sale and open house at the Augusta Museum. Almost all of the annuals and perennials sold.

The museum is raising money to add a handicap-accessible restroom to the museum. All donations are welcome. The museum, furnished with antiques from the 1870s and family memorabilia, is open the first Sunday of May through September from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. and by arrangement at other times with the organization's president, Kathryn Frazier, 636-448-4034.

The members are the grateful recipients of plant donations and planting help by two master gardeners, Myra Moscowitz and Marlene Lischwe. Part of the museum garden has been replanted with perennials which will attract butterflies.

Butterfly gardens should be located in sunny areas. Butterflies are attracted to native plants with red, orange, yellow, pink or purple flowers. Pesticides should never be used in butterfly gardens. The addition of some parsley, fennel or milkweed will provide host plants for butterflies to lay eggs. The emerging caterpillars will eat some of the leaves.

1. Rain didn't deter IMG_7916.jpg
Rain didn't deter visitors from coming to the plant sale/open house.

2. buyers 2 jo m visitors IMG_7907 - Copy.jpg
Jo Milster and her friend Fran were the first customers!
(L-R) Sally Heining, Fran, Jo, and Ellen Knoernschild.

3. Dave Klaus with Paul and Bernice Kemner at the open house IMG_7928 - Copy.jpg
Paul and Bernice Kemner and Dave Klaus (left) discussing local history.

4. Kathryn and John Lacey web MG_7910 - Copy.jpg
Kathryn Frazier showing John Lacey from Defiance the
custom made benches recently gifted to the museum.

 (Back, L-R) Marge Oaks, Sally Heining, Dave Klaus, Ellen Knoernschild and
Kathrn Frazier 
(front) sitting under the sign after the successful day.