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New Melle VFW Memorial Day Ceremony

Thiemann-Tidd VFW Post 5651 in New Melle commemorated Memorial Day on May 31, 2021 with ceremonies that honored all deceased veterans of the United States.
A powerful and moving rendition of both the National Anthem and God Bless America were sung by Maya Bryant – cantor from Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in New Melle.
Fr. Tom Miller from IHM gave the Invocation, saying in part, “Dear God, we come before you today to honor our beloved dead -- those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. The blessings and freedoms we enjoy today are due to their dedication and selfless service.” He prayed for the families of fallen Veterans, and asked God to, “Help us to honor all deceased veterans and strive to maintain the very things they fought for.”

Boyscouts from Troop 856-New Melle posted colors and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Certificates of appreciation were presented to Ray Welge and Boy Scout Troop 856. (Photos next month and at

Post Commander Stan Wisdom read a moving speech about Army Specialist Cindy Beaudoin from Connecticut. Specialist Beaudoin enlisted in the National Guard and served as a medic in the 142nd Medical Company in Iraq during the Gulf War. She had a chronic back condition that could have kept her home, but she would hear none of it. On February 28, 1991 just hours after President George H.W. Bush declared a cease-fire, Specialist Cindy Beaudoin was killed in action when her convoy struck a landmine. She was 19 years old.

Like many soldiers going to war, Beaudoin wrote a letter to be delivered to her parents in the event she didn’t return. “I did not come here to be a hero,” she wrote. “I came here because my country needed me to be here...I am here with thousands of other soldiers helping to bring down a very deranged tyrant..if I should die while helping to achieve this, then I did not die in vain...”

Cindy Beaudoin did NOT die in vain. Neither did any other American we honor on Memorial Day. That’s why we are here honor the sacrifices made by the one million heroes who have died while defending this country. While many of us do not truly understand the pain and despair experienced by the families and friends of these heroes, we can still offer support. We can wear the poppy. We can place flags and wreaths at veterans’ graves. We can donate to charities to help their families. We can look at their surviving brothers and sisters in arms and say, “Thank you for your service.”

Wisdom read, “The United States is a country worth fighting for, but we should insist that our policymakers only send men and women to war when all other options have been considered. War may not always be the best policy; but the heroes that wars produce are the best of America.”

Following the indoor ceremony, there was a rifle salute, wreath laying and flag folding presentation at the monument outside where all deceased members of Post 5651 are commemorated, followed by the solemn playing of Taps.

A complimentary luncheon followed in the canteen for all who attended.

1_PLaying Taps Dennis Brown.jpg
Dennis Brown playing Taps as part of the Military Honors Ceremony.

2_VFW Color guard.jpg
VFW Post 5651 Color Guard.

3_Maya Bryant Singing the National Anthem.jpg
Maya Bryant singing the National Anthem.

4_Rhonda DeGeal and Annie Schneider Laid the wreaths.jpg
Rhonda DeGeal and Annie Schneider laid wreaths in memory of all deceased
veterans, and those who were specifically members of Post 5651.

5_Folding Flag Roger Deuser and Bob Fry by Christy A.jpg
Roger Deuser (left) and Bob Fry folding the flag.
Photo courtesy of Christy Almeling.

6_Saluting the flag by Christy A.jpg
Saluting the flag after it was placed on top of the memorial.
Photo courtesy of Christy Almeling.