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Dianne Sudbrock Recognized by the New Melle Chamber of Commerce

By Kathy Miller

On June 24, Dianne Sudbrock was surprised by the New Melle Chamber of Commerce with a plaque recognizing her years of hard work and dedication to the Chamber, New Melle and the surrounding communities. The presentation took place at the New Melle Chamber of Commerce Scholarship banquet at the Quarry Wine Garden. Her husband, Roger and their daughter, Dawn Steffens, also attended.

Maureen Blondin presented the award. She said “Dianne has donated her time for many roles with the Chamber including: membership chair, Wine and Art Fair chair, Plein Air event planner, photographer, ribbon-cutting coordinator, secretary, board member, administrative assistant and much, much more. Maureen called Dianne “The rock of the New Melle Chamber.”

Dianne is also the editor and owner of the Boone Country Connection and The Write Design, for over 21 years. There are not many events that take place in New Melle and the surrounding communities that Dianne does not attend, photograph and write about. She welcomes new businesses with an article, profiles the accomplishments of people in the community, and encourages the public to come out and support all the various activities and events.

Blondin said, “For all her years of dedication and service we have set up the Dianne Sudbrock Volunteer of the Year Award – to be awarded annually in her honor to some deserving member of our chamber.”

There is a lot of hard work and dedication to organizing all the events that take place in our area. It is thanks to many dedicated volunteers that these long-standing traditions have continued and found new ways to keep going. The chamber looks forward to recognizing some of those volunteers in the years to come. In the meantime, if you see Dianne, tell her congratulations!

Dianne and Maureen3.jpg
L-R: Maureen Blondin and Dianne Sudbrock

Dianne Award web.jpg
The award Dianne received from the New Melle Chamber in 
honor of all of her hard work through the years. 

Maureen Blondin presented Dianne with her award and gave a great
speech honoring Dianne. 

L-R: Dawn Steffens, Dianne and Roger Sudbrock.