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The Trees of Treloar and the Fable of “The Man Who Planted Trees”

In the small village of Treloar, MO a native tree garden was created on the former site of the old Treloar Bar and Grill, a historical landmark which had been there for over a century. The garden is located directly across from the Trailhead at Treloar on the Katy Trail. The Magnificant Missouri organization along with Forest ReLeaf Missouri, and help from Mike Rood (Pea Ridge Forest) and Bill Spradley (Trees, Forests and Landscapes) planted on this repurposed lot, 35 trees of 18 different species. The trees are native and long ago filled the Missouri River Bottoms before they were cleared for agriculture purposes.

This modern-day story of the Trees of Treloar can be closely related to the french fable “The Man Who Planted Trees” written by Jean Giono. The fable tells the story of a self-less shepherd who planted one hundred acorns a day for thirty years. His efforts transformed the countryside and demonstrated that one person can help transform the world. A special edition of this classic French fable has been published for Magnificent Missouri to help launch a 3-year initiative to plant trees along the Katy Trail. The book, with a foreword by Dan Burkhardt, President of Magnificent Missouri, is beautifully illustrated with wood engravings by Michael McCurdy.

Magnificent Missouri is dedicated to conserving the landscape corridor along the Katy Trail and Missouri River west of St. Louis. The Trees of Treloar and "The Man who Planted Trees" fable are inspirational and show us how planting trees now will forever change the landscape of the future.

Reading the book and taking a trip to Treloar can easily be done in a day and are well worth the read and visit. The hard work and dedication illustrated by these organizations will help you appreciate the trees around you and all they have to offer.

Treloar is located on the north edge of the Missouri River floodplain, along Missouri Route 94, about twelve miles to the south of Warrenton. To purchase a copy of the book visit: The price is $10, plus $5 shipping and handling. 100% of the proceeds go to support the mission of conserving and increasing appreciation of the Katy Trail and the last 100 miles of the Missouri River Valley through education, events, and collaborative projects. For more information or to see how you can help visit:

Join Magnificant Missouri for their first-ever Sweet Corn Sunday Celebration at the Treloar Trailhead on the Katy Trail. Indulge in piping-hot, fresh-picked sweet corn from a field just down the road — with plenty of butter! Local musicians will be performing bluegrass music. This event benefits the Marthasville Volunteer Fire Department. 

The Man Who Planted Trees” story by Jean Giono.
To purchase the book click here.

The Trees of Treloar tree garden facing Texas Street.


Trees of Treloar tree garden facing Market Street.

Information about the trees planted in the garden.

giant cottonwood.jpg
Giant Cottonwood tree over 75 years old
at the Trailhead of Treloar.