Community Interest

New Beginnings Theme for Kids Photo Contest

What is new around the Town of Augusta? New Beginnings is the preferred category for both the KIDS’ “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest in September and the adult/teen contest in October.

Take creative photos of one of the new businesses in Augusta, of a new paint job or a newly noticed barn quilt, of beautiful autumn colors, of freshly picked produce such as pumpkins, of new memories on the Katy Trail, of the new statues around Town, of new floats in the Harvest Festival parade, and anything else that reflects the newness of nature or manmade newness.

Kids 12 & under submit your best possible photograph taken with a digital camera, a cell phone, or an iPad by September 30. Contest photos highlight the remarkable features of the Town of Augusta or its standard landmarks from a different perspective. Photographs are judged on their composition, their clarity, and how well they illustrate the uniqueness of Augusta. Local photographers and artists judge the submissions.

Cash prizes (by check) will be awarded to the kids this year. First place is $30.00; Second place is $25.00; and Third place is $20.00.

Once you find a picture that you and others like, print it off on photo paper. Then go to the Town website: and print off an entry form. Mail the completed entry form and one photo to Kids’ “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest. P.O. Box 42, Augusta, MO 63332.

Check the website for updates. Remember to take your best shot! You may get a phone call saying, “Congratulations! …”