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Covid Reporting Update From Franklin County Commissioner

The Franklin County Health Department, School Administrators, and School Nurses within Franklin County are working diligently to keep quarantines minimal and scholastic impact minimal relative to positive Covid exposure. 

The State code of Health mandates that schools report positive cases and exposures to the Health Department immediately upon finding. The State also mandates quarantining those identified as close personal contacts. The Schools, School nurses, municipal Government, or County Government do not have the authority to change these mandates under the rules of the Department of Health and Senior Services. 

The only way lawful and appropriate ways to change these rules are legislatively and or through the Governor’s office. 

I am asking everyone to please do their best to be civil, and understand that school nurses or contact tracers are simply doing their jobs and certainly do not deserve the verbal and social abuse they have been receiving by simply being subordinate to the existing State Health Code. 

Vaccines continue to be made available at various sites throughout the County and the St. Louis region, and we will continue to encourage everyone to consult your trusted personal healthcare provider to determine what is best for you and your family. 

Franklin County continues to diligently monitor our Health Care institutions and our nursing homes and we currently have 0 cases in our nursing homes and 15 residents hospitalized. 

Please continue to exercise patience, and treat people with kindness. 

Thank You!

To view the code of State Regulations Regarding Communicable Diseases click the link below:
  19c20-20 shared document.pdf