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NMFPD Issued EMRA License

Submitted Josh Ellis

The State of Missouri issued New Melle Fire Protection District their EMRA (Emergency Medicine Residents' Association) license.

Currently, NMFPD employs three paramedics; Chief Dan Casey, firefighters Ellis and Halbrook. Without the EMRA license, they were only allowed to provide basic life support, even though they were licensed as paramedics. They are now able to administer life-saving drugs, intubate patients who can’t breathe, interpret and treat heart attacks along with many other skills. As the department grows it will be looking for firefighters that are paramedics.

The NMFPD will not transport patients, St. Charles County Ambulance District is the sole provider for ambulance transport for St. Charles County. Marthasville Community Ambulance District covers Warren County residents.

With the approval of Prop FIRE, a $7.5 million bond issue, we promised to bring Advanced Life Support to the district. This project has taken close to a year and involved many local agencies. We purchased two state-of-the-art cardiac monitors, multiple life-saving drugs and all the equipment necessary to support this mission. We are very excited about this big step forward for the district. This is just another way we can support our mission “Community F.I.R.S.T.”

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New life-saving equipment on the NMFPD truck.