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The New Melle Country Market

A Thank You From, and What's Next for, New Melle Country Market

We couldn’t be more grateful to our community for making the New Melle Country Market a success — the vendors, the customers, Father Tom, Laura Orf, and all the parishioners at Immaculate Heart of Mary for generously sharing their space — Thank you!
Each week we had hundreds of people come out to support us; and we made friends with so many new faces. We witnessed thousands of producer to consumer interactions, seeing firsthand what magic the power of personal connection brings to an economy, especially our local one. We held the first of our annual festivals that brought over 1,000 individuals together to celebrate community with food, drink, and live music. By our calculations, in the span of less than six months, we have put over $50,000 into the pockets of individuals that live in our community and not in the hands of corporations.

Inspired by our success this year and grounded in our mission, our goals for the coming season are clearly defined.

Along with continuing our weekly farmer’s market we are happy to announce we will be launching an online store, opening New Melle’s first Food Co-Op, and creating a social platform that connects producers to consumers, plus many more exciting things. And now as a recognized organization [NMCM, SSM 508(c)(1)(a)] we are freer than ever to pursue our mission — teach the importance of and provide a viable means for direct producer to consumer exchange.

Any donation to our mission is greatly appreciated, and because we are a recognized organization, we can now offer you a receipt for tax deduction purposes. To learn more about being a vendor in the 2022 season, selling authentic products in our online store, the grand opening of our Food Co-op, and our educational and youth internship programs, please contact us through Facebook at NewMelleCountryMarket, by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phone (636) 398-8809. There's more to be announced in January. Until then, remember...where you spend your dollar matters. We'll see you in 2022.

Wyatt Gober and Leslie Limberg