Community Interest

A Note of Thanks from the Laupp Family

To the New Melle, Defiance, and surrounding community:

We were in our basement with our three children the night of the December 10, 2021, tornado. When our house was hit, it was the most terrifying moment we’ve experienced.

That moment was followed by relief that our family was unharmed, then heartbreak when we saw the condition of our house as we evacuated. So many more emotions have followed, but our prevailing emotion is GRATITUDE. Gratitude for the safety of our family, and also for this beautiful community of people who stepped up immediately to help! We have lost sleep worrying about who we may not have thanked or how we could show our gratitude. We wish you could see our hearts, how full of love and appreciation they are for all of you.

 With Love,
 The Laupp Family