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Vintage Aerial Website Features Local Properties

Have you ever visited It’s a website that features aerial photos from the past, from all across the U.S. For St. Charles County, Missouri, there’s a significant collection of photos from 1985. In some areas, photos from a few other years are also available. Local resident, Mike Loyd, recently identified the general area where all 68 rolls of the 1985 photos from St. Charles County were taken. The website lets you comment on the photo, identify where it is, or enter a family memory. All photos are copyrighted, but you can purchase prints or a digital file if desired.

We appreciate Mike’s time and effort in creating the list below. Not every single property is included, but viewing the rolls is an interesting way to spend a winter afternoon/evening. How many places can you recognize? Can you find your house? Or your grandparent's house? Or a local church or business? Take a look and have some fun!

1 St. Paul
2 North of St Paul/west
3 zigzag St Paul area
4 SE of St Paul
5 SE of St Paul
6 SE St Paul (Hwy P/M & Koch Rd)
7 St Paul Rd & Hwy P
8 West of St Paul
9 West of St Paul (Freymouth Rd & Hwy P)
10 West of St Paul (Enon?) Hwy P
11 Hwy. P Enon & West to Flint Hill
12 Flint Hill E Hwy P, Parr Rd
13 SE Enon toward Josephville
14 West of Josephville Gilmore, etc.
15 Josephville
16 North & East of Josephville
17 East of Josephville, Hoff Rd?
18 Further E of Josephville
19 Hwy 61 Flint Hill to Wentz.
70 East, O’Fallon & N of O’Fallon
20 North of Foristell Hwy W / 61
21 Hwy W, East on Meyer Rd
22 Meyer Rd & N Point Prairie Rd
23 Wentzville & westward
24 Wentzville then N Point Prairie Rd
25 W/NW of Wentzville
26 Wentz. Up 61 then Hwy W
27 West of Dardenne & up 61
28 West on Hwy N then Duello Rd
29 Hwy N to Z & north on Z
30 Hwy Z to N, West to Wilmer Rd
31 Wilmer, Hepperman, S Point Prairie
32 S Point Prairie, Hwy N, Schaper Rd
33 Schaper, Jackson, Hwy N
34 Hwy T to Hwy N east
35 Hwy N east of Z to LSL Blvd
36 Hwy N to 61, S to DD & north again
37 Hwy DD, Sommers Rd, Diehr Rd
38 Hopewell, Diehr Rd, DD, Hoffman, Schwede
39 DD, Wilson, Schwede, & Benne Roads
40 Nadler, Hopewell, east on Hwy D
41 New Melle up Z to Hwy N
42 New Melle Foristell Rd
43 Foristell Rd. zig zag to Dyer Rd
44 Foristell Rd., Morrison Lane, Hwy N
45 Morrison, Schnarre, Meinershagen
46 Morrison, Foristell Rd, Holt Rd.
47 Hwy D west of New Melle, Sneak, Oberhelman
48 T&D Cappeln, Hwy T north
49 Hwy D Cappeln, T north
50 Hwy D Cappeln through New Melle & east toward Crossroads
51 DD to 94 to F to Old Colony
52 Callaway Fork?
53 New Melle Hwy F south then north into hills
54 Hwy F to Femme Osage
55 Cappeln, south and Hwy T
56 Femme Osage & up Osage Cappeln
57 Femme Osage to Schluersburg
58 Schluersburg to Klondike to Defiance
59 Defiance to Matson Hill Rd
60 Defiance 94 to Matson
61 Matson 94 to Klondike
62 Klondike 94 to Augusta, north on T
63 94 west of T & Osage Ridge Rd
64 94 west to Dutzow
65 Augusta Bottom Rd
66 Augusta to Klondike along MO River
67 Matson to Defiance 94 to DD
68 S/SE of Crossroads