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An Update from Bethel Hills in Dutzow

By Billie Kramme

We hope all of you are healthy and happy as we start the year 2022. We are eager to share what the year 2021 looked like for us and something of the year that lies ahead as well.
The year 2021 will be forever remembered as the year Bethel Hills became a reality. We were fortunate to acquire 127 acres with seven existing structures in the Dutzow area, largely due to incredibly generous donors.

We closed on the property on March 1st! The blessing of being able to purchase this beautiful property debt-free is beyond words! We do not doubt for one moment that the hand of the Lord has orchestrated this to His glory.

That day, everything changed. We began the journey of creating the Bethel Hills community. Every building has needed repairs or remodels, or both. We tackled the event center first, including creating a studio apartment on the side. At the same time, work began on the chapel foundation, grading, replacing sidewalks, remodeling the ranch home into duplexes, and repairs to the gym. In November, we began the big remodel in Building #4.

remodel kitchen.jpg

Contractors, architects, and volunteers came forward unexpectedly, with areas of skill and expertise to tackle the carpentry, plumbing, electrical work needed, saving us tens of thousands of dollars in labor costs and providing quality work. What a wonderful, unexpected blessing to have skilled tradesmen stepping up to do the work building these homes—labor-free. They are the reason we have been able to keep moving forward. THANK YOU to our volunteers! Our homes are custom built with quality builders and architects, all to provide homes for those with developmental disabilities for years to come. This clearly is a project the community has adopted, seeing the need for supportive housing.



Our first family has moved into one of the duplexes and will also be providing 24-hour security, maintenance, and taking care of snow removal; and our first resident will move into the newly remodeled efficiency apartment in February. What a milestone!
The Spiritual Life team, chaired by board member Pastor John Wagner, is moving forward with plans for chapel services, Bible studies, and service opportunities. We are blessed with a beautiful house of worship in the midst of the Bethel Hills community and look forward to developing the spiritual atmosphere of this Christian community. A very special moment was our first Christmas Candlelight service held in the Chapel.

Current remodels should be completed in April, and we hope to have them occupied by June, allowing 15 individuals a home.

Our Founders of Bethel Hills gave us the momentum to get started. Our anonymous major donors made it possible for us to purchase the property. Our volunteer tradesmen are making it possible to get these homes ready!

There is one more remodel to complete. It is a big one and will require approximately $250,000 to complete. Included is a large recreation area in the lower level of this building. We are actively seeking the finances to put toward this remodel so we can keep moving.

big remodel.jpg

The admissions team is interviewing prospective residents. There are more interested than we have homes until this remodel is complete. Would you prayerfully consider helping to support the costs of this major remodel? This 4,600 sq. ft. house will be remodeled into multiple 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, allowing beautiful homes for 8-10 more individuals to live at Bethel Hills.

We close the year with incredibly grateful hearts giving thanks for what the Lord has done. And we seek Him as we move forward into 2022 for wisdom, provision, and His Presence in the community of Bethel Hills. Come visit us at Bethel Hills. Donations can be sent to Bethel Hills, 10450 Voelkerding Rd., Marthasville, MO, 63357, or to donate online, go to and click "Donate Now." Follow us on Facebook at "Bethel Hills Community."