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Seeing Clearly - Photo Tips from “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest

By Gay Eskew

Sharp, clear photos are the best. Blurred pictures often communicate a sense of confusion or lack of clarity. The trick is to take a clear photograph. How is this accomplished? Some people have a naturally steady hand. If that is NOT you, along with most people, there is still hope. You may use a tripod, a steady table, or a brick wall. Any non-moving object is acceptable: a fence post; anything flat like the ground; a ladder rung; and even the back of a person on all fours or the shoulder of a standing person. Choose whatever works best for you.
The Kids’ “Best of Augusta” Photo Contest is approaching at the end of September. The theme is ‘Something New in Augusta.’ What catches your eye with something new? There are new businesses, new places to eat, new items in the stores, new flowers in the ground, new activities to do, and so on.

The Town website has the latest information. Take a look! Take some photos! Select your best shot! Make sure it is a clear photo; one of the criteria used in judging. Other judging points include an eye-catching composition and a subject that shows off the unique Town of Augusta.