Community Interest

July - Garden of the Month

By Lois Cobleigh

Augusta Shores is a beautiful neighborhood in the heart of Wine Country. The homes sit upon a series of bluffs above the meandering Missouri River. Nancy and Dave Little built their lovely home over twenty years ago.
The challenge was landscaping the steeply sloping side and in front of the house. Because the terrain is extremely rocky, there was a minimum of topsoil for planting. While digging away, they discovered a solid rock slab that turned out to be larger than most patios. A natural rock ledge hangs over the area.

To compensate, the Little's created a “Pot” garden! A legal one, I might add. Using pots of various sizes and shapes, they set them at different heights on the slope, going down to the slab base and filling them with plants. Sedum does well there, accented by a Redbud tree. The front of the home has a natural rock retaining wall, accented by various Firs, Spirea, and Pencil Hollies. As for advice, Dave says, “Never water a rock out here because it grows!”

The Boone Country Garden Club commends Nancy and Dave for the eye-catching “Pot” accent garden. May they continue to enjoy their idyllic setting in our spectacular wine country!

***Readers, if you spy an exceptional garden or wish the Boone Garden Club to consider your garden for Garden of the Month, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..